About Us

Charming and friendly Holiday Rentals - Apartments - B&Bs and Villas

We are a small, modern and innovative group. Behind this website there are just a few people, all natives of Verona, who really know and love their region.

 We want to offer a service for visitors that come to visit our city, spreading the beauty of Verona and its countryside, lakes and mountains. We like our guests to come to us for advice and information, because in general, the internet lacks the personal touch and attention to detail is very rare. All our properties aim to give you a comfortable and charming place to stay, they are in strategic locations, near main monuments or in fascinating spots, and we only select owners who share our same philosophy and way of thinking. We think that of our guests are precious, we value them, enjoy helping and advising them, and most of all making them feel at home and part of the family.

If you want to come and meet us we are in Verona in Via Ponte Rofiolo 2/A.