Last minute Carnival Verona - Month of February

During February in Verona there is a major historical event that is in the history of Verona from 1531 when the carnival came in the tradition of the city. That year, after a famine that hit the poor people, especially in the popular area of San Zeno (now one of the most elegant zones of the center), Tommaso da Vico, a noble and worthy one, raised a huge amount of money to feed them. From that time carnival is celebrated in Verona. This traditional event is not as famous as the Venice carnival, but is a great occasion for visiting Verona. If you decide to plan your holiday, we offer you our monthly last minute deal. The best way to enjoy this offer is writing us and telling us when you plan to go on holiday, we will suggest you the best accommodation in Verona, the perfect place to stay for your needs. Always consider us like a local guide of Verona, our goal is to give you recommendations to make you feel at home.
Just an example of our last minute deals for Verona:
2 guests - 70€ per night
3 guests - 90€ per night
4 guests - 100€ per night