Movieland Park

Movieland Park is the former Canevaworld, a major centre for entertainment on Lake Garda, and one of the greatest theme parks in Italy. It is an amazing centre for leisure activities, from a water park to themed restaurants.

 The park is divided in five sections: Movieland studios, Movieland Aquastudios, Medieval Times, Rock Star Restaurant and Night Festival.

Movieland Studios

Movieland Studios is the only park dedicated to Italian cinema. Here you can join film scenes played live, meet actors, enjoy live performances, workshops and incredible moments of animation. There are things for families and children such as the Stone Age or Cars Route 66. Then there are things for the older children such as Tomb Rider and the Hollywood Tower, unique attractions like Terminator 2 5d, and incredible stunt shows such as the popular John Rambo stunt show.

Movieland Aqua Studios

Movieland Aquastudios has a lot of history because it was the first water park in Italy, and now it's one of the biggest. Here you can enjoy pure fun on exciting water slides, or relaxation in the pools and playgrounds. 

Attractions include Stukas, a 32 metre tower where you can try a dive into free-fall, Twin Peaks where you can jump from a peak with a double rubber dinghy, and Kamikaze where you can dive into space from a volcano. If you don't like adrenalin rides, Lazy River or the Pirates Lagoon will be for you. When you are hungry, there are restaurant areas where you can enjoy a juicy Hot Dog and fries with the sheriff of the West Village, or chill out in the green picnic zones.

Medieval Times

This attraction is a restaurant and show all rolled into one; it's a jump back into the past during the middle ages. You will be part of a medieval society where four knights, assisted by squires and bishops, challenge each other in games of ability, with horses and body-to-body battles, in the attempt to win the princess's hand. You will be assigned a knight on arrival, and your strong support will surely influence the result of the tournament. During the show dinner is served and you will take part in a succulent medieval banquet.

Rock Star

In the Rock Star Cafe you can live an evening in pure Rock style!

 You can eat and drink as much as you wish thanks to the Italian formula "All You Can Eat" and you can enjoy the atmosphere of Rock music on air with Radio Rock Star. Inside the restaurant you can help yourself freely to the rich buffet with American style specialties, delicious desserts, and ice-cold drinks, and when you leave, you also can buy souvenirs in the rock star shop.

 The music is chosen for you by a DJ, who livens up the evening with your requests, jokes, and musical stories.

Night Festival

During July and August there’s a special party every night with a rhythm of absorbing music at the Night Festival. Here you can enjoy an inviting drink on a warm summers evening and dance until 2 am.