Thermal Baths

Verona is not just entertainment parks and busy attractions; there are also other ways to spend your free time. If relaxing and wellness are something special for you, why not try a therapeutic thermal bath. 

For the very best experience you need to leave the historical centre of Verona and travel towards Lake Garda. Just 20 km from the city, you will fall in love with two of the best thermal baths of northern Italy; theses are the two very best places we recommend which are not just swimming pools, but are places with nature and fascinating surroundings.

Thermal park Garda

This park is located within the huge green estate of an 18th century Villa, built during Napoleonic period. The villa is called Villa dei Cedri and it's situated in Colà, a little village near Lazise, at the southern part of the lake.
 Surrounded by cypress, thuja, yew and ancient beech trees, Villa dei Cedri is a unique place.

 The thermal park offers numerous pastimes, from sport to wellbeing, and relaxation. If you are a nature lover, you can walk through the majestic, ancient trees and when you want to enjoy the warm water, you can bathe in a 5.000 square metre thermal lake inside the park. The Garda Thermal Park is also a historical place where you can appreciate art and architecture - Villa dei Cedri, Villa Moscardo, the Caretakers' Lodges, the Guestrooms, and Statues are beautiful monuments and buildings which you can see when walking around the grounds.

 The service here is also part of the experience; you can find bars, a self-service restaurant, picnic areas, a beauty farm and a cosmetic shop.
The thermal park is open throughout the year. During winter when it is cold outside, there is a warm gazebo near the thermal lake, this winter room is heated and equipped with every comfort. It has a special tunnel which goes directly to the lake where the hot water (33- 34 °C) will protect you from the cold, even when it is freezing outside.

 The lake is a fantastic experience, there are hydro massage pools (some of them at 37 °C), massage jets and a grotto.


Aquaria is the newest wellness centre at Terme di Sirmione, on the edge of the promontory near the town of Sirmione. It is the ideal place for relaxing with top class wellness facilities to promote psychophysical balance, energy, beauty and inner harmony. Visiting this thermal bath is an opportunity to see another pearl of the Garda lake - Sirmione. To reach the site, you need to walk through the town’s narrow streets and historical buildings. Unlike the Thermal Bath Garda, Aquaria does not have a huge park, but it is a luxury spa and wellness centre that offers an excellent service, especially if you need massages, treatments and medical support.

 From the thermal pools with hydro massages, effervescent beds, swan-neck jets, aroma-chromatic showers and vascular program, you can go on to the wellness cabins, where you can enjoy beauty and health treatments, or to the gym, with all the most modern equipment.

 The view from the pools and from the windows is fantastic; you can admire the lake while you are relaxing in the hot water (34 - 36 °C). There are 700 square metres of swimming pools, some inside and some outside, reached by a tunnel that allows you to enjoy the park even during the winter.

 The Aquaria thermal bath has a bar service and generally, every Thursday, there are special events where guests can enjoy dinner, with some excellent dishes, and live music. Aquaria is probably the most charming thermal bath near Verona.