Holiday Verona

Considering spending a holiday in Verona and would like to know more about what the city can offer?

This section is for guests who are spending a holiday in Verona and want to learn about what Verona and its surrounding area. Verona is situated in the middle of Northern Italy, making it perfect for visiting Venice, Milan, Mantua, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Lake Garda and many other destinations in Italy; most of the cities are reachable within an hour's train ride. Verona is rich in history and culture with the famous Shakespeare tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, being just a tiny part of this fascinating city.

To help our guests discover more about Verona, a city deemed an open-air museum, we have included an traveller's introduction to the different historical periods and monuments of the town, as well as accommodations, located in the city center, surrounding area and Veneto and Lombardy regions. We also have a section on entertainment in Verona, Lake Garda and Valpolicella, suggestions for couples, families and singles, and in each section we recommend the best accommodations for your needs. 
At the end, you can find ideas for a holiday in Verona, with Lake Garda tours, historical tours, boat tours, wine tours, wine tasting and much more. also offers packages with tours and vacation rentals included. Don't forget to look at the section last-minute special deals, where you can visit Verona and save money.

Connect with Verona's history, where it took place and something special happens

Enhance your Verona holiday by learning a little about its history. Discover Verona's rich past and keep it alive by staying in historical buildings, visiting churches and musuems or standing in glorious piazzas. Find out more in this section.

Enjoy the best of Verona and its surrounding area with Apartments In Verona's tour packages that help our guests experience an ideal Italian vacation, learn more about the places they visit and create lasting memories.

 Verona is a great location for day-trips to cultural places and entertainment destinations at the same time. You can spend your time boating on Lake Garda, taking a wine tour in Valpolicella tasting typical food while enjoying spectacular Italian countryside views or visiting theme parks and spa centers.

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The area around Verona, Lake Garda and Valpolicella is one of the best places in Europe for entertainment and theme parks. During the summer there is a large active nightlife and club scene, especially on Lake Garda. You can find water parks, nature parks, roller coasters, spas and wellness centers and much more, there is something for everyone, families, couples and singles! 

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